Sheldon Seeks The Royal Approval

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parson) loves three things in life most: brilliant physics, the Nobel Prize and people who agree with him. Therefore, it’s no wonder that he has a figurine of the genius physics and Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein on his office desk.

Picture Source: IGN     Copyright: CBS / Warner Bros.

It’s a bobblehead character that might, as I don’t know for sure, nod every time Sheldon says something. It can be spotted in the episode The Higgs Boson Observation (S6E3).

The figurine seems like an ironic comment on the situation where Sheldon interviews his new assistent Alex Jensen (Margo Harshman), who will help him find his Nobel Prize-worthy school paper to get honored by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and become famous like his idol Albert Einstein.

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But as I don’t know for sure if creators Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady or their costume designer Mary T. Quigley put these easter eggs on purpose in the episode, I think it’s a nice little TBBT fact.  What do you think?

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